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The insanity consumption

...you say psycho like it's a bad thing...


your mom



September 8th, 2009

Well I had a LOT of fun this weekend. Granted getting lost was a bit meh but hey we saw a lot of cool things and decided we should have bingo cards next year. So the trip itself overall was nice, lots of pretty things to see, great weather, and also finding out my investment into a pair of walkie-talkies was a great idea. The bingo cards will be for everything we see that has something to do with our characters in our rpgs. For instance coming home last night we saw the "Knight transportation" Mack truck and thought of Oliver. On the way there we saw the "fox mountain inn " and thought of Drea. Why she would have a Inn in the mountains and why Oliver would have a transportation service is beyond me but hey it was funny. Also " Frank's pizza and subs" place had me lol-ing quite a bit.
When we got there it was so busy.. I should have expected it but I was still floored with how many people were there. You'd see Star Wars geeks and Trekkies conversing at the bar,anime geeks conversing on cosplay, and even steam punk and the occasional person running around in their underwear. I got to meet Charlene Harris, the lady to write the Sookie Stackhouse series of books that became the trueblood series and fan-girl squeed when i was far away from her.. (proud of myself for not fan-girling in public) and also... er.. whats-his-name... oh whatever Draco Malfoy for the harry potter movies. met him in an elevator talked for a few moments, he was nice enough that in a crowded elevator he made sure Val and I got the right floor and made sure we got out when the time came. (fan-girl squeed slightly here too only back at the hotel room. (( still proud of myself.))
I bought very few things due to being poor =P. I got zombie target posters for Ryan,"bad idea" coins for my characters Alex and Azarith,dice for my characters Nathan and Azarith and my biggest purchase: a corset. I've always wanted one because i think they look so sexy and elegant at the same time. (shut up. they just do.)Now i need to get a shirt that'll go with it other then my "yes, they're natural" d20 shirt of awesome.
I also got to cosplay and go to a photoshoot that involved a can of chef boyardee and a black eye for me. I was Italy from Hetalia and was balancing a can of chef boyardee on my head for pictures. A random passerby pushed past me and the can fell. one of the other cosplayers was sitting right under me and to make sure she didnt get hit with the can i caught it resulting in it hitting my eye and resulting in it swelling and now looking like i might have lost a fight...in which I did.. to a can of pasta. Also on our list of ouchies, ryan twisted his ankle really bad,a certain bear was assulted in the rear by a pillow-javelin and perhaps by a val, the same bear was also beat by Mel 1 for sleeping and finally sinus and tension headaches all around!
All in all it was fun. Perhaps i'll go again next year.

July 14th, 2008

Name:Xia Tegan Montgomery

Nicknames:C.T. , Tegan


Age: 24

Blood: B (pos)


WT:165 lbs.

Race: Caucasian

Hair: Red w/ blk streaks

Eyes: Brown

Skin:Fair complexion

Status: Single

Occupation: Student

Powers: Metal manipulation , Health regeneration

Likes:Working in the metal shop at school,selling some of her work,reading,nice weather,guitar hero,Pop Tarts

Dislikes:The strong picking on the weak,pessimists,Pears

Power Origin: One day as Xia was working in the metal shop at her college,she stumbled upon a large metal shard that was sitting amongst the scraps.It was exceptionally beautiful and shone with a shell-like color. Xia thought on making it a part of her latest work however when she heated it up and struck it with a hammer it blew up sending fragments coursing through her body. Upon waking up and seeming to be unscathed she went to the doctors and apparently the odd metal shards were now lodged into her bones, all over her body.After which some time she realised when she cut herself by mistake it would heal up almost instantaneously ,and she could control metals. (short version. longer one in due time)

June 30th, 2008

MyPersonality.info Badge

your mom
So I saw richmonds personality test and i love taking these so i did and these were my results apparently..

Click to view my Personality Profile page

June 27th, 2008

BBY= shit heads (well duh )

So.. this morning in our morning meeting our gm stated that we have two tests coming up.

One is opening the store at 8am. This I don't mind. Hell, my last job i had to be at work at 6am. this is a cake walk compared. Plus i'm in earlier i'm out earlier.This is in about 2 wks time.

Later down the road is something that fills me with dread.

The second test is a 24 hour open BBY.

This is NOT GOOD!!

I work full time. Thats aka "we can tell you to work whenever you want. you'll obey...or else"

>>;; I fear the worst from this and hope to god that all will work out.

Everything does look grim though.

My GM said and i quote " i see a few faces about the 24 thing.. if you dont like it.. theres the door"

Also, i can't go down to part time either.. we can't afford it and I need my health benefits.

All this worrying is giving me one of my headaches..

Fuck you best buy, fuck you.

June 23rd, 2008


Yeah i love the title too..amusing. Anywho , Ryans government we-fucked-up check arrived today just as chibi said it probably would. We were thrilled and jumping around as if we had just won the lottery which in the debt we are both in...yeah pretty much. however now all thats taken care of and we are finally back to a very comfortable level.

The van's gas tank is totally full as is our tummies as we both went to outback steak house and ate lunch/dinner.(we didn't eat lunch and well due to what we ate we arent eating dinner...no room.)

I'd like to take a moment to thank EVERYONE in our group for helping us out in our times of need!! You guys are amazing!!

We're susposed to see , kung fu panda tonight depending on when and what not but chu everything is going well.

We even went to the grocery store to pick up a few things we needed for the week. While there I wanted feta cheese for my salad or the week and lo and behold was a brand called Dimitri's... yeah a bit shocked and snorting with laughter(much to ryans amusment and none of mine) I had to buy it. So yeah I started asking why Dimitri would make Feta cheese and Ryan replied...or should I say dimitri replied :" Because it's sinfully good" and laughed in which I almost fell over from going."wha..what the fuck?"

I also have a cute Icon that i would like to think would be drea in her fox form...as you can see. X3

Anywho thanks to everyone again and see ya'll around..

oh and damn you bear, for getting me hooked to the trapped in the closet stuffs... i'm on chapter 17.

June 12th, 2008


I went into work assuming the worst. Why not? I mean it WAS the launch of the 80 gb PS3 system. Not only that, but the launch of metal gear solid 4..yeah I figured the worst would be waiting for me the "ticket girl" the one who would be standing outside until we opened to hand out tickets for the much antipicated game and system. So, what prey tell did I find when Ryan pulled onto the lot, you may ask?

2 customers. 2. TWO. tee-dabayu-oh.

... Fuck you, Best Buy.

It's bad enough that I only had five or so hours of sleep and I felt like crap when I got up.(I am not a morning/breakfast person. If I eat breakfast and its not a light cereal or something small I get sick to my stomach.) Seriously though 2? I thought this would have been a HUGE gathering... but what the hell do I know?

So.. I ended up down-stocking until we opened. (taking things from the warehouse and bringing them out on the floor if need be). That was cool. I got to check out the anime section non-chalantly so it was nice.

Then the door opened at 10 am.

There were 5 or 6 people. they came in nicely and went for the PS3s. I sold many replacement plans and accessories.All was good.

Then it happened.

A man in his late 30's came over while I was explaining the Pros and Cons of a PS3 to a customer and began a tirade on why no one should buy a PS3 because XBOX 360 is WAY better. This, ladies and gentlemen, was the first time I've seen a troll in person.It frightened me into the very depths of my soul. He then proceded to patrol around our massive pile of PS3s and tell anyone who came close why PS3s sucked and why Wiis sucked and that Xbox was the best.Then when he felt ignored as the masses continued buying their entertainment systems.. he left..back to his bridge where ever it may be.

Oliver, why were you not here to slay this? Just kidding , but yeah that would've proved amusing.

Anywho , my adventure didn't stop there. Oh no.. the day was FAR from over. We got in Wii Fit. Wii fucking Fit. So yes there were happy customers but then we ran out. Thats when the "fun" really began. I had a customer come over to me sale circular in hand and ask the famed question: " do you guys have wii fit in stock?" I replied with an apologetic " I'm sorry sir but you just missed the last one. It was sold about an hour ago." Now a normal person would say "oh darn..well oh well.." but did this dude?.. Well if he did then I wouldn't be on an amusing rant like thing about my day would I?

He glared in my direction and wapping his circular against the back of his hand and a grimace to his face did he then reply :" Excuse me? Towson store said you had eight and I drove over here for nothing?! You better make one appear from some where!!" I raised an eyebrow and to which I responded " I'm sorry but we are sold out. we don't have any at all. We just sold out like an hour ago and our system doesn't count for that until about 4 hours after purchase. now Towson store is in the wrong because for one they aren't susposed to tell you our stock. Two they should have called to verify if we had any." The man still annoyed then said " well I'm mad and I spent a lot of money in your best buys, I'm a business owner and I do business with best buy all the time but not anymore if i can't find a wii fit" I, fighting back my laughter then said, " well forgive me sir, but there is nothing I can do. I do however apologize for what the other store did." and with that the man did leave..taking what business he had with him.

I lol'd for a good 5 min.

Luckily, my sanity was saved for some point. Will and my co-worker were near by to add humor to this already failing day.I thank you both.That and i swear there was a kid with a weird hairstyle and by weird I mean he looked like a retarded my lil pony. That and a child came in thinking he was tough shit by saying which games sucked even though i know for a fact he 1) never played them in his life and 2) probably never heard of them either. I lol'd hard that he was trying to impress his parents by going on about things he knew not.

My day was winding down. Then an this shit happend:

an elderly gentleman came into my section and was looking rather lost. I came over and being the good worker and sales person I am asked. " Is there anything I can help you with?" and was caught totally off guard when he grabbed my hand and said " you can help me with whatever you want darlin'" and winked at me.

I think my soul left my body for a good couple moments. He wanted the home theater section so I pointed it out and he went on his way while Will and my co-worker lol'd hard at the epic-ness of an old man coming on to me.

So after that epic fail I had a good 10 min. left and a man came up and asked that question: " do you have any wii fits?" I hesitantly replied. " No sorry sir. We are sold out we sold out about 3 hours ago" He grinned and replied: " Good. I'm glad they are sold out. I'm glad I was the first to get one today. just wanted to check" and with that he left with me having a face of "WTFBBQ?!??!??!?1111!!!!??one!!11??//eleventy-one?!"

So yeah that was my day. >>;; I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

June 11th, 2008

>>;; Damn Teenage angst..

your mom
So.. thank god St. Jude is this evening. After we cut last Wed. Drea has been
angst-ing up a storm. >>;; I'm constantly thinking on how she's going to try and
kill the lady in white and the aftermath that will bring. I also know/hope/think
that Drea will take a nice big helping of character development from the
experience. I mean I have dreams now about her fighting things and going crazy
doing it. I think it's like the bear said last night. about how young school
girls have the purpose of flipping out and killing things. Though Drea doesn't
go to school, she does kinda fall into that range. XD.. So epic battle will be
EPIC. I already know she'll have a kunai in each hand and one in her mouth ready
to go. That and she'll use most of her scrolls tonight. if we fight the lady in
white she'll use her limit break/final smash/ult. finisher on her. no questions

On another topic before I bore people with Drea talk.. Work is boring right now.
D= Seriously.. I've had like 4 customers and it's all "do you have wii/wii
fit/other game you don't currently have because it's sold out or not available

Also I now know that..God damn it.. we AREN'T having a midnight launch for MGS4.
Apparently NO store in ALL of Maryland is even having one. So now my day is
going to be : "No I'm sorry we aren't having a midnight launch. however if you
come early tomorrow.." and the whining will ensue...For the record.. I hate Best
Buy. How hard is it NOT to send us things and letting us know a head of time
knowing we wouldn't have a midnight launch and only telling us YESTERDAY that we
won't be having one? >>;; Yes, I'm also being selfish in the fact that I wanted
free shit...but hell that's one of the best reasons to work in the video game
section : free shit.

Now on top of this, DBZ burst limit is out today. Awesome! =D.. We don't
actually have any form of it but the XBOX 360 one so now I'll have to hear
bitching. Not Awesome. D=

Anyways, thanks Ryan for posting this because LJ is blocked in BBY. >>;; The
extreme I have to go by typing this up in email and then sending it to him to
post on it. XD Ah pitiful..however amusing.Anyways off I go, into the world of
retail..>>;; I hope I have enough phoenix down to last me the day. I think I
might need it. XP

See everyone tonight.

June 7th, 2008

So todays BBYs one year anniversary. So naturally we have to throw some "awesome" party type-thing. Today there will be people giving out free pizza,doing face painting, dunk tank, moon bounces...and the like. Outside. In the 90-something-frickin heat!!

And guess where I'll be?

Face painting..well maybe. They said one girl is going to be outside and if I have someone to cover my department (which won't be too hard..>>;; ) they're going to shoo me outside into the blistering heat to paint whiny kids faces. Oh joy and rapture. 7_7

Heres hoping Dimitri will allow me the use of his heat resistance. i just may need it.

Oh by the way since its this lil party-type-thing. If anyone wants to come by and hang out for a bit , maybe grab a free slice of pizza and maybe not die in the heat..that would be awesome.

May 16th, 2008

To be posted in my LJ:original at 12:25pm

A letter and a rant..

Dear stupid,snooty,bitchy,fake-tits McGee,

I'm sorry I was helping a customer when you came into the section and
demanded attention. I told you I'd be with you as soon as possible and that's
what I meant. You had no right to go to a manager and say "the stupid blond
obese girl from gaming" was ignoring you and helping someone she "obviously"
knew. Granted the manager wouldn't even look at you for said comment, I still
felt like ripping out your intestines, strangling you with them then stabbing
you with a knife until it broke in your massacred corpse, then setting you on
fire. Please GTFO and take your fail with you.


Now that that's over I do feel slightly better although being on a diet
and hearing that really hit the ol' self esteem. you know it was on a nice
assent, taking pictures as it went. lovely vacation. then BAM! it falls to the
jagged rocks below. I'm not going to cry though I really want to... that would
just give her the satisfaction.*sigh* these next up coming weeks are going to be
the most difficult as I spiral further into a fit of restlessness. I feel
everything is very mundane and I'm tired of getting up ,going to work, coming
home, then going to sleep just to do it again the very next day. I'm aggravated
to tears and feel stressed out to no end.
Though I shouldn't be.. I have Ryan and well all my friends. I should be
fine...right? Then why do I feel like everything is stuck in a mundane rut of
everlasting doom? I think my only saving graces is when everyone's together wed
or Sunday and for a few hours I can be happy with my friends being someone else
who leads a more. exciting existence? I dunno..its just how it feels..>>;;
I think I'm really on a "someone called me obese" rant and deserve my
goddamn cookie dough. Though I felt like this before and that was what destroyed
my happy bubble I was forming at work for making my accessory goal in ONE
purchase from one customer...the customer I was helping that I was apparently
ignoring fake-tits McGee over there. God, I hope she goes bankrupt and to the
poor house so she can work retail and get shit thrown in her face like that. I
think I'm done for now. I've run out of things to rant and rave about.

So off I go on the rest of my day...>>;; lunch is soon so I can eat and stuff my
face hopefully making me feel better.

May 8th, 2008

Diet update and..stuff.

So most of my friends know now but to those who don't I've actually lost a total of 10 lbs.Thats actually a dress size. So now I weigh in at about 216. I only need to lose about 76 more lbs. before I reach my optimum weight.

Other then that i have writers block and can think of anything else to write...oh well. =P

Oh though I did put up a few drawings and sketches in my deviantart site.

http://melissaseren.deviantart.com/ Here if anyones interested. Though its just some blah stuff nothing really too great.
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